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Future Health

Get Involved with Your Campus

August 22, 2016 

Students who get involved on their college campuses tend to be healthier and happier, according to studies. They tend to stay in school and graduate on time.


College is a fresh start, so students are encouraged to try new things rather than simply follow what they did in high school.


Opportunities abound for getting involved – intramural sports, newspaper, student government, and attending university sporting events, concerts, plays, and films.


Some opportunities also may provide some pay – tutoring, teaching assistantship, resident assistantship, for examples.


Volunteer for community service, join a sorority or fraternity, participate in student clubs or even start your own club.


Sometimes it’s tough being in a new area, but hundreds or thousands of others are in the same position on your campus. They are all hoping to meet new people or try a new activity with others who share their interests.


When students get connected with school, it helps them become part of the community more quickly, allows them to discover friends with similar interests, and provides an opportunity for them to try a number of activities to see what interests them most.


Getting engaged is not only a connection-builder that provides networking potential, but also it is resume builder since employers like to see that students have experience working on a team and cooperative activities. It also can provide leadership opportunities that help develop skills that employers seek.


Getting involved in your college campus is an ongoing process.  Use it as a break from studying. Do it early in the semester when everyone else also is trying to make new friends. And most of all: have fun and use it as an opportunity to unwind and relax.