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Future Health

Back To School

August 11, 2016 

August means it’s time to go back to school. For some, this will be their first time on campus and while that can be a fun and exciting time as you grow more independent from your parents, it also means there are more dangers that you may run into. We have some tips for students ranging from food to safety.


Keep healthy by having these foods on hand in your dorm:

  1. Nut butter – Almond, cashew, or peanut. You don’t have to refrigerate them and you can put them on more than a sandwich! Nut butters even come with flavors now … what a time to be alive.
  2. Whole wheat bread – sounds boring, it is. BUT it’s better than white bread.
  3. Canned soups – They’re dry stored and non perishable which makes them perfect for dorms
  4. Jerky – Quick snack loaded with protein. Get a quality brand that is lower in sodium.
  5. Protein Bars – Get a quality brand so there’s nothing suspect hiding in your food.
  6. Cereal – Again, a dry food that’s easily stored.
  7. Popcorn – A simple snack that’s low in calories. Don’t get buttered.
  8. Dark chocolate covered almonds – Or regular almonds if you prefer. They’re a great healthy semi-sweet snack.
  9. A good trail mix – Get a trail mix that’s not loaded with candy. Ideally you’ll want lots of nuts, a little dried fruit, and a little bit of dark chocolate.
  10. Crackers – A whole grain or whole wheat cracker will be optimal.


Dorm Room Exercises – perfect for a small space such as your dorm or even your office at work:

  1. High knees – While standing upright lift one knee at a time towards your chest.
  2. Butt Kicks – While standing upright bring the heel of your foot to you buttocks.
  3. Jump Squats – Do a regular squat but jump on your way up.
  4. Push-Ups – Get into a plank position bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle and then push back up until their straight.
  5. Mountain Climbers – Get into a plank position and bring you knees one at a time to your elbows
  6. Leg Lifts – Lay on your back with your palms down by your side. Keep your legs straight and lift them so you body is at a 90 degree angle
  7. Superman – Lay flat on your stomach; lift one arm and the opposite leg towards the ceiling. Put them down and do the opposite arm and leg.


Here are a few tips to keep you in the loop and safe around campus because no one has the right to take away your safety:

  1. If your school offers text alerts, sign up for them! You’re on your phone anyway so stay connected and be informed about what’s going on around your campus.
  2. Be mindful of where you park your car at night. Try to park in a well lit area and as close as you can get to your building.
  3. Use the buddy system! You’re probably going to go to games and parties with your roommate, make sure they also know where you are if you have to be alone.
  4. Know how to get in contact with your campus security. They may bother you at times but they’re there to help. Their intentions are good.
  5. Designate a driver when going to parties. It seems cliché but drunk and buzzed driving is a real issue and danger.
  6. Some schools offer self defense classes – TAKE ONE! Arm yourself with the knowledge and moves to combat an assailant.
  7. Resources for sexual assault:
    1. National Sexual Violence Resource Center
    2. The Center for Public Integrity Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice
    3. Office on Victims of Crime Message Board Responding to Sexual Violence on Campus
    4. Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER)


College can be a very fun time for students but it has its dangers. Be happy, healthy, and safe this year!