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Newest Gaming App

July 15, 2016 

The latest craze is here, Pokémon Go, and everyone is playing it.  

The new Pokémon app was released earlier in July of 2016 and uses GPS technology that requires the player to walk around to catch the creatures as well as meet up with other players at “gyms” to battle the Pokémon. This new craze brings good new and bad news. The good news: While people have jumped to the Twitter sphere to share the good news about the app helping them get outside and active and combating their social anxiety, there has been negative feedback. The bad news: the news is now riddled with stories similar to this one from the LA Times that reported two men from California fell off the edge of an ocean bluff while trying to catch Pokémon. That same article reported several other incidents of players.

Safety is becoming and topic of concern. Bizarre happenings such as the one reported by the Times have been reported multiple times since the release of the app and even though it’s a game, you still need to be safe while you’re playing. Remember to be and stay aware of your surroundings. This may seems so cliché and trivial but if people are walking off cliffs, we have a problem.

Due to the nature of the innovative pastime, players are required to walk around which may lead them onto someone’s property. Remember: trespassing is illegal and depending on the home owner it could be very dangerous. Driving while playing has also been reported and, again, this is a huge issue. Catching Pokémon while driving falls under the same realm as texting while driving – it’s dangerous. Accidents have occurred while playing and it’s clear that the cause for concern is growing. People have also been lured to areas while attackers wait for players as they are easy targets because they’re so distracted from looking at their phone. Be conscious of where you are and who’s around you at all times – your personal safety is paramount.

Pokémon Go is gaining popularity and breaking records for downloads and daily users. We know there’s a lot of people walking around and being active and we want you to have fun while you’re playing but we urge you all to be safe while doing so.