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Future Health

Tips for Getting Through Finals

April 18, 2016 

Stop pulling those all nighters!

You need to be alert and awake when taking your finals.  Studies have shown that students who pull all nighters have the same brain functioning as someone with a 0.1 blood alcohol level.  Do you want to take your finals in that kind of mental state?  It’s difficult with so many things going on in college, but make sure to block out time to rest and let your mind recuperate.


Don’t overdo it on the caffeine!

Try NOT drinking 5 Red Bulls and 10 cups of coffee a day!  Large amounts of caffeine can INCREASE your anxiety and dehydrate you leading to less brain activity.  If you really need that extra pick me up during this time, try finishing a project and rewarding yourself with a single cup of coffee instead.  This will also help make sure you’re still getting that sleep we already talked about (see above).



Yep, I said it!  Can you even remember the last time you turned your phone off or stayed off the internet for more than a day?  Try taking your study materials (not including the internet) to the library, or any quiet place, and not bringing your phone!  You will have no distractions and will be forced to study without the inference of the “real world.”



Sounds simple, right?  So do it!  Taking 10 minutes off and focusing on your breathing can work wonders.  Mindfulness (AKA breathing!) is all the rage now, and there is a reason….IT WORKS!  Next time you feel that you have entered overload mode, try sitting down, closing your eyes and just focus on your breathing.  Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 8.  You’ll be shocked at the results!




After Finals:

Don’t worry about things you can’t control.  I know, it’s easier said than done but really, what good is stressing over finished finals you can’t control?  Relax and try to enjoy the time off.  Whether it be celebrating the end of the semester with your friends or heading home to sleep for the next week, be sure to give your mind and body some time to recover.  Give your brain a break!

Sarah Newkirk-Saremi